5AM Madness! What Are The Benefits of Being an Early Riser?

Over the past few months I have read a lot of material on the benefits of waking up earlier in the morning. The general idea is that the pre-morning rush is quiet, peaceful and affords less distractions, thereby allowing you to concentrate on the things that are important to you, whether that be meditating, studying, working, exercising – the possibilities are endless.

I’m curious as to whether this method really enables someone to start their day off right: productive and calm. So, I am going to start waking up at 5 o’clock to evaluate the results for myself and write about my findings.

5 O’clock Start

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Why Do Intelligent Students Fail And Does Failing Make You A Better Student?

Last year I experienced something new; I failed not one, not two, but three of my nine classes. I had made it through three years of my degree unscathed, occasionally having to push myself harder than I would like, but all in all a successful few years. And then I got to my fourth year of veterinary school and overnight the intensity level of the course sky rocketed.

What surprised me was my response to the upped intensity. Out of the blue I found myself scared of failing and that fear only made things ten times worse; instead of studying on a daily basis like I had been doing for three years, I started to make excuses for why I didn’t need to study that day. Before I knew it I was way behind on my study plan and I felt overwhelmed and yet I still didn’t get stuck in.

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Summer Study

So the academic year has ended and the summer has finally rolled around. Many students use this time to relax, others spend time with their families, some work or do work experience and the lucky few get to travel. But one thing that should be a priority throughout these gap months is continuing to learn and recapping the subjects taught in the previous school year.

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A Full Positivity Makeover!

So exam period is upon you and it all feels completely hopeless! How ever will you study that much material in a week? How on Earth are you going to memorise all that information? So you start to feel down and demotivated, which leads to even more procrastination, and ultimately you get stuck in a vicious cycle.

STOP!! I’ve been there, exactly where you are now! Just stop whatever thought is hindering your process and read these tips to help you revitalise your attitude and get you back on track…

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Struggles Of The Learning Curve

Hi everyone! Recently I’ve been struggling to get that feeling of “100% prepared” before an exam. The thing that’s bothering me most is that I’m not studying any less than previous years, in fact I feel like I’ve been starting my study plan earlier that normal, and yet I get to the night before an exam and I can’t see it ending in success.

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The Perfect Brain Foods For Students And Why They Work!

How many of you have that friend who advises you every week without fail to switch up your sugar filled study snacks for a healthier option? I’d be willing to bet that about 90% of students reading this article have just nodded their heads! How many of you never bother to pay said friend much attention, thinking that the idea of “brain foods” is just a myth? Me too.

But this week, I’ve decided to take a moment to do the research and find out why these “brain foods” will supposedly help me to study…

Image result for blueberriesImage result for almonds

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Print vs Screen

In the last 20 years screens have taken over our lives. It is said that approximately 75% of people own a mobile phone, a large proportion of which own a smartphone. Most households have a computer and laptops can be seen everywhere. Many schools have substituted white and blackboards for smartscreens and the level of teacher-student comunication carried out online is skyrocketing.

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Alpha Brain Waves Benefits ~ Do Alpha Brain Waves Help Your Concentration?

I read an article recently on how listening to certain music that emits alpha wave vibrations can be beneficial for my concentration levels, making this type of music the perfect remedy to those afternoons spent daydreaming about summer instead of focusing on the textbook in front of me! But how does it work?

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