Talking To An Empty Room

In my opinion, the hardest part of studying is trying to remember all the tiny, little details that accompany the core of the course material. They’re the easiest thing to forget and I find that I often manage to confuse them all in my head, to the point where I associate the wrong details with the wrong topic!

BUT there is a way of making this part of studying a little bit easier.

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My Highlighting Needs

The need to save time is generally a priority for many students, especially around exam period. In between exams, you will not find the time to do resumes, or sift through piles of pages and books to find the essential information to study. This is why highlighters are so important.

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Study Groups: Pros And Cons

There’s a lot of debate on whether study groups actually improve a person’s likelihood of achievement. Many thrive in such a group, normally when said group push them to do beyond what they would normally do in preparation for an exam. However, quite often study groups have the opposite effect, where studiers settle for mediocre and use the rest of their time, in the group, for socialising.
Here’s a list of pros and cons for those of you who can’t decide whether it’s the right move for you.

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The Tipex Catastrophe

As I’ve previously mentioned in my article “The Pencil Case Essentials”, a roll-on tipex is a must have for me. I stopped using liquid tipex in my last year of college, after having made the most idiotic mistake in an exam.

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Key Word Listing

Writing resumes isn’t for everyone. Some people feel that it takes too long and that it doesn’t really benefit their studying in a major way. Obviously it all depends on the person; whether they are able to write quickly, resume chapters efficiently and keep their summaries organised and easy to read.

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Motivational Matters

Getting through your exams can be hard and sometimes your course seems to go on forever. The majority of people start off the year with an extremely positive attitude towards studying, but come the mid-way point, they just want it to end.

In the case that this is exactly how you are feeling, I’ve written about a few truly inspirational stories of students who have overcome many obstacles to get through school and receive their qualifications. I hope these help to get you inspired and motivated, I know that they had an impact on me.

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