Summer Wisdom

The summer holidays are near enough; there’s only a month left, even less in some cases. BUT just because there’s no classes, doesn’t mean that it’s best to simply forget about studying or fail to pick up a book for two months.

Making The Link

Have you ever had that moment in an exam, when you can’t remember the one key detail of your answer? The rest of your explanation is perfect and you know that if you can just remember that one missing name or phrase you’ll get full marks for it. You search your brain for any clue, becoming more and more frustrated because you know this, you studied this. You can even recall the page in your notes where it’s written. But it simply will not come back to you.

The easiest way to overcome this problem, that I would think many people suffer from, is to create a link.

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Study Stress Mess

Study Stress Mess

Study related stress has got to be one of the most common problems amongst students, whether it’s something that affects you throughout the duration of your course or it shows up unexpectedly around exam periods, just to make the finals that little bit harder.

My Recent Detachment

I remember helping out in the local veterinary clinic, in my gap year between college and university, and wondering how the veterinary surgeons got anything done during an operation. Whenever I sat in on an operation I would find myself continually looking at the animal’s face, wondering what it was like at home, what sort of family it belonged to, etc. I never understood how a vet could be detached enough to just look at one specific body part for hours on end without even stealing the occasional glance at the pet.

My Experience With Online Courses

Online courses have enabled many a student to return to studying and achieve qualifications they never thought they would. They are very convenient for those of you who need to fit your studies around other day-to-day activities. Maybe some of you work during the day, or perhaps you have a family that keeps you busy, or like me you could already be in school, but would like to squeeze in some additional studies around your existing classes.