5 Ways To Burn Calories Whilst Studying

It’s well known that university students in general have quite a static lifestyle – we go to lectures, where we sit and listen, we go to study groups where we sit to read, we go home and study at our desks. If you have the time to be a member of a sports team or go to the gym, then you might be able to squeeze into your day just a little bit of motion, but a large percentage of our days are spent sat on our bums!

How I Keep Track Of My Notes

Okay so there is many a way of organising your notes, books, stationary, etc. for school and I’m sure that most students have their only personal method of madness that makes sense in their heads – I know I do! So here is a quick article about my own organisation system and I hope it helps any of you who are just beginning to put their notes into order…