5 Best Ways To Spend Your Summer!

A couple of standard questions you’ll find yourself being asked, once you return to university in September are: “So how was your summer? What did you get up to?” For too many a student the answer is “Not much, relaxed, hung out with some friends”. And that’s when you realise that you’ve wasted your summer and in reality have nothing to show for it. 

But it shouldn’t be this way. There’s plenty of things that a student can get up to during the holidays, that would fill their summers and give them something to tell their classmates when they go back to school.

  1. Travel – Plan a trip with a group of friends and go out and see the world. I know many students are strapped for cash, but there are plenty of money saving schemes out there, that allow you to have a reasonably cheap holiday. Not to mention a holiday doesn’t have to be an expensive stay at a resort on the beach; you could go camping, hitch-hiking or go stay with friends or family who live elsewhere. There are plenty of cheaper options!
  2. Work – Having a summer job can be very beneficial: it allows you to enjoy your summer to the full, possibly travel or simply save some money for the following school year. You might be lucky enough to have a secure summer job every year, but if this is not the case go on a job hunt. There are many places that hire new staff for the busy summer months and it’s also a way to meet new people and possibly make some friends.
  3. Combine the two – If you want to have a bit of a holiday, whilst making money you can always search for summer jobs abroad. Look into things like summer schools that teach your native language abroad, activity centres, caring for children, etc. And just to top it off, the majority of these types of job opportunities provide their employees with food and accommodation, which lowers your costs even further.
  4. Volunteer – Use your time to help others by volunteering at a local dog shelter or charity shop. Alternatively there are many charities that organise trips and encourage you to raise money by travelling  to different places around the world. There are also charities abroad that will house you for a certain period of time in exchange for free labour. Challenges Abroad
  5. Get ahead – Be prepared for the following year by getting a head start on a reading list, or revising previous material. It will make the transition back into school life a lot easier.

So don’t be lazy or while away your summer watching TV. Make the most of your free time and do something amazing!