5AM Madness – The Results Of Waking Up Early!

A while ago I wrote an article on the supposed benefits of waking up early in the morning. I suspected I would end up being tired throughout the day and that the benefits would not be worth the negatives endured … however I was pleasantly surprised!

In general it delivered on it’s promises of being more motivated to get things done with that fresh morning energy and as a result being more prepared for the day. There were also a few unexpected benefits:

The first was catching the sunrise. In the last month being up early enough to catch the sunrise and the beautiful morning views has been an added benefit that I had definately not expected. A couple of days I have even been motivated enough by the orange and red skies to go for a casual morning stroll. Sometimes it’s nice to appreciate something beautiful for what it is and let it make you happy for a moment.

I’ve also found that I have the time to take more pride in my appearance and often leave the house looking more put together than I previously did. It’s the little things that have made the difference; ironing my clothes more carefully, taking off any bobbles or hairs from my clothes and wiping down my shoes. These are seemingly insignificant things that I never gave a thought to when I was rushing out the house so as not to be late to class, but when given the time of day have made me look all round more respectable!

I also have enjoyed cooking a lot more. When I have the time to stop and think about what I really want to eat and time to look up and experiment with new recipes, the experience is a lot more pleasant. I’ve also found that I generally eat healthier when given more time to prepare food, which can only be a good thing!

Finally, I have found time for myself. Some mornings, when I feel a bit more chilled out I have simply read a book or drawn, however I still feel like these mornings are productive, as I am taking much needed “me” time to enjoy the things I like to do and keep myself happy and positive.

So there you are, my results of waking up at 5AM. It is definitely something I will continue, although I will most certainly allow myself a break during the summer!

The Disadvantages Of Waking Up Early