Alpha Brain Waves Benefits ~ Do Alpha Brain Waves Help Your Concentration?

I read an article recently on how listening to certain music that emits alpha wave vibrations can be beneficial for my concentration levels, making this type of music the perfect remedy to those afternoons spent daydreaming about summer instead of focusing on the textbook in front of me! But how does it work?

So the brain is made up of billions of neurons and works by sending electrical signals between these cells. Brainwaves are produced when groups of neurons transmit electrical signals at the same time, creating a pulse.

There are different types of brainwaves and they affect how we feel. When your brain is relaying brainwaves at a higher frecuency, you will generally feel alert and be able to focus with ease, whereas when it is emitting brainwaves of a lower frequency, you’ll feel tired and dreary.

Despite the fact that there are multiple types of brainwaves, we’re only going to talk about two of those types: Beta and Alpha.

Beta waves are those that are produced when you are awake. They make you alert, logical and attentive. If you are considered an under-active individual, stimulating beta waves can help you to become more energetic, attentive and emotionally stable.

Alpha waves are produced in those moments before and after sleep and during quiet moments of reflection. They are said to improve memory, concentration and also to help ease anxiety or stress. The general consensus is that these are the type of waves you should stimulate whilst studying.

Listening to music with the same frequency as the alpha brainwaves can help stimulate the brain’s own production of these waves.

But the question is, does it really work? I would say that for me personally it did seem to help with my concentration levels and aided in my understanding of new concepts. But the main thing that I noticed was how it affected my feeling of tiredness. Normally after spending an entire afternoon studying, I am exhausted by 8 o’clock and want nothing more than to sit on the sofa and watch rubbish TV that doesn’t require any real brain activity. After my afternoon of studying whilst listening to alpha wave vibrations, I completely lacked this feeling, I was relaxed and didn’t feel the need to regenerate.