Are You Your Favourite Brainy Cartoon Character?

As a young child most of you were probably exposed to many a brainy cartoon and I’m sure a few of you even associated with certain characters. But who are you most like now?

The Brain – Let’s be honest, many of us can claim to be geeky, but are you the type that The Brainuses their intelligence to create one too many evil plans? The Brain is a genetically enhanced lab rat, that thinks he should take over the world for the good of man-kind, leading to constant scheming and ridiculous plans that never pan out how he wants. He’s extremely self-centred, never blaming himself for his many failures, and believes that his developed mind makes him better than companion, Pinky.

Velma РAre you the Velmainnocent genius, who uses her intelligence for good? Even though in general Velma is a good person, she can be very competitive when it comes to being the cleverest. She is known worldwide for being quick witted,  a science geek and having a very quirky personality!

Brainy Smurf – Are you the sort of character who Brainy Smurfthinks you know a lot, but often makes mistakes? Brainy Smurf claims to be an expert in just about everything, but his advice and knowledge is often very misleading, ending in smurf related disasters. Unfortunately Brainy Smurf is also a bit bossy and can be quite self-centred, claiming that his “favourite subject is himself”.

Dexter – Do you believe that your high IQ makes you the black sheep of the family? DexterDespite lacking wisdom and experience, Dexter is an extremely intelligent, young boy, who associates with famous scientists, such as Albert Einstein. He often gets over-excited, leading to many a failed invention. His youth and naivety causes him to make decisions, better left for the adults, even if their intelligence is half that of Dexters.

Lisa Simpson РDo you see yourself as a misfit, whose only redeeming quality is their mind? Lisa SimpsonLisa is a very sensitive, righteous  and emotional girl, who often fights for her sense of a perfect world, but is always disheartened when she eventually comprehends that her idealistic views are an almost impossible goal. Despite being highly intelligent and very independent, she still requires the love and encouragement of her family most of the time.

These are some of my favourite childhood cartoon characters, but who do you associate yourself with most?