The Ultimate Revision Site List!

The Ultimate Revision Site List

Sometimes the last thing you want to do after a day of staring at notes is read more notes! So why don’t you try using this generation of student’s best friend … THE INTERNET! Watching documentaries and videos, playing games, or even just reading a different style of writing can feel a lot less energy consuming than standard study methods. To make things a little easier for you I have put together my ultimate list of revision websites:

Summer Study

So the academic year has ended and the summer has finally rolled around. Many students use this time to relax, others spend time with their families, some work or do work experience and the lucky few get to travel. But one thing that should be a priority throughout these gap months is continuing to learn and recapping the subjects taught in the previous school year.

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A Full Positivity Makeover!

So exam period is upon you and it all feels completely hopeless! How ever will you study that much material in a week? How on Earth are you going to memorise all that information? So you start to feel down and demotivated, which leads to even more procrastination, and ultimately you get stuck in a vicious cycle.

STOP!! I’ve been there, exactly where you are now! Just stop whatever thought is hindering your process and read these tips to help you revitalise your attitude and get you back on track…

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The Healthy Student Plan

With exam period over, most students get that “fresh start” feeling just in time for the new term. Every student will understand how easy it is to tell yourself that you’re going to do a million and one things better this term, that you’re going to exercise more and study everyday and keep a planner with all your daily “to do” lists. BUT(!) … It never lasts. And this is where the problem arises for most of you.

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Public Speaking – Overcoming The Fear

At some point in the life of every student they will have to give a presentation or do some form of public speaking. Unfortunately, many of us struggle with this, whether it be through lack of confidence, shyness or just an irrational fear. So how do we overcome this obstacle to stand up in front of a room full of people and talk to them?


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5 Best Ways To Spend Your Summer!

A couple of standard questions you’ll find yourself being asked, once you return to university in September are: “So how was your summer? What did you get up to?” For too many a student the answer is “Not much, relaxed, hung out with some friends”. And that’s when you realise that you’ve wasted your summer and in reality have nothing to show for it. 

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Do You Really Want To Be A Master Procrastinator?

Are you the sort of person who believes that you work better under pressure? Have you convinced yourself that you only need to study for exams the night before? Do you find yourself handing in assignments just a few minutes before a deadline? Then you’re probably what is known as a master procrastinator.

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5 Ways To Burn Calories Whilst Studying

It’s well known that university students in general have quite a static lifestyle – we go to lectures, where we sit and listen, we go to study groups where we sit to read, we go home and study at our desks. If you have the time to be a member of a sports team or go to the gym, then you might be able to squeeze into your day just a little bit of motion, but a large percentage of our days are spent sat on our bums!

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Beat The Addiction With Internet Blocking Apps

Do you often find yourself on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site, 5 minutes after declaring that you were going to study for an hour? Do you find it hard to concentrate, knowing that there could be a message or notification waiting for you? If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, then I’m going to suggest you install one of my top 3 internet blocking applications.

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The Inevitable Job Hunt

One of the daunting questions that every student has to ask themselves, after completing their university course is “What place of work is ideal for me as a new graduate?”

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