Racism In Schools ~ Should We Be Discussing It?

Racism In Schools

Standard instruments of understanding and convenience seem to have disappeared. Who might imagine that in a loving, reflective democracy, we required a massive political mobilisation to inform the police and all citizens, of the plain fact that black lives matter? Who might imagine that when a police officer was questioned why he fired on an autistic man, who was sitting with his hands in the air telling officers not to shoot, he might say, I don’t know Violence between U.S. citizens of diverse races, backgrounds, sects, and political parties has risen to new heights. Social networking may have amplified toxic sentiment and fanned the fires of animosity further than in the past decades, but deep mistrust and disdain, and the failure to overcome these emotions in a respectful manner, did not begin with social media. For us, they’re the new standard. Instead of giving in to the helplessness that we … Read more