My Decision To Study Abroad

When it comes to further education there are a lot of things to consider, one of them being finance. How will you finance yourself throughout your university career? What loans/grants/scholarships are available to you? These are things that every student has to think about and I don’t prove to be an exception.

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Student Saving

As a student, I am always looking for new ways to save some money, just some extra cash to add to the study funds! Throughout my further education, I have worked, saved and tried various ways to stay on budget, something that many people find difficult.
Here is how I manage my finances and stick to a strict budget, without deviating… well not by much!

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Easy Ways For Students To Make Money

The majority of students will, at some point during their education, find themselves strapped for cash. The problem that we all have is trying to find a job that we can work around classes. Unfortunately, nowadays employers are able to be a bit more picky and students, whose priorities are their classes and out of class studies, are not always their first option. So here are a few ways of earning some extra cash in your free time.