Print vs Screen

In the last 20 years screens have taken over our lives. It is said that approximately 75% of people own a mobile phone, a large proportion of which own a smartphone. Most households have a computer and laptops can be seen everywhere. Many schools have substituted white and blackboards for smartscreens and the level of teacher-student comunication carried out online is skyrocketing.

Dear Santa – Gadget Edition

So we’ve talked about those perfect stocking fillers for stationery lovers. Now it’s time to discuss gadgets! Nowadays, most students will claim that it’s almost impossible to get through university/college without a range of different gadgets.

Dear Santa – Stationery Edition


I know for a fact that there are thousands of stationery lovers out there, who like me, love nothing more than filling our studies with one too many stationery items and getting them out at every given opportunity. This often leads to planners that make your eyes hurt because they’ve been filled with a million different colour coordinated memos, or text books loaded with sticky notes on every page and obviously there’s the ever growing stockpile of notebooks.

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The “Study Right” Laptop

A laptop is often a necessity when it comes to higher education. I have found, since having started at university, that in this sort of environment most teachers will communicate with their students via email, that many of the assignments are handed in and assessed online, that many study groups and out of class activities are arranged on the university website and that you’re even given your grades online.

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Stimulating Stationary

I don’t exactly know why, but I’ve found that interesting stationary, especially notebooks and folders, motivate me to get going and start working. The only explanation I can think of is that these interesting pieces of stationary act as some form of visual stimulus that awakens the studier in me!

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My Highlighting Needs

The need to save time is generally a priority for many students, especially around exam period. In between exams, you will not find the time to do resumes, or sift through piles of pages and books to find the essential information to study. This is why highlighters are so important.

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The Tipex Catastrophe

As I’ve previously mentioned in my article “The Pencil Case Essentials”, a roll-on tipex is a must have for me. I stopped using liquid tipex in my last year of college, after having made the most idiotic mistake in an exam.

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The Pencil Case Essentials

I’m happy to admit that I have a slight stationary obsession. And so I’ve come to try, and in many cases love, a lot of different stationary items. The following list is made up of those items that I consider essential for any student to have.