The Perfect Brain Foods For Students And Why They Work!

How many of you have that friend who advises you every week without fail to switch up your sugar filled study snacks for a healthier option? I’d be willing to bet that about 90% of students reading this article have just nodded their heads! How many of you never bother to pay said friend much attention, thinking that the idea of “brain foods” is just a myth? Me too.

But this week, I’ve decided to take a moment to do the research and find out why these “brain foods” will supposedly help me to study…

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Multiple Choice – Test Hacks

Everyone assumes that multiple choice tests are easier than your average “read and respond to the questions” exam. However it only takes a few trick questions or rushed answers to knock down your overall score, especially when teachers insist on subtracting points for wrong answers.

Now my first piece of advice when doing a multiple choice test would be to read each and every question carefully, including all of the answers, and take you time not to be fooled by small details. Another useful tip is to answer the question in your head before looking at the possible answers, so as not to get confused or panicked when all four answers sound both right and wrong at the same time!

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