Dear Santa – Gadget Edition

So we’ve talked about those perfect stocking fillers for stationery lovers. Now it’s time to discuss gadgets! Nowadays, most students will claim that it’s almost impossible to get through university/college without a range of different gadgets.

Without further ado, here is my list of what I consider useful gadgets for students:

  1. So first on the list is a multi-charge station. The combination of spending all day out of the house and also spending a largeMulti-charge station portion of the day on some form of gadget means that, come night time, many a student needs to charge several things at once. The big problem is that most dorm rooms only have one or two sockets, making this task impossible! This would make a great gift for any busy student.
  2. The next item on the list is a bit more extravagant, but would make a unique gift for a gadget-lover. The Livescribe 3 is a smartpen that connects to your computer or tablet to sync everything you write or draw, allowing you to keep a copy of your notes on any of your devices without physically having to type them up or scan them. If my explanation was of no help to you at all and has just confused you to tears, here’s a video to explain how it works!
  3. The next item that any on-the-go techy would get a lot of use out of is anExternal battery external battery. Extremely useful for if the device you’re currently using is rapidly running out of charge and unfortunately an available socket is no where in sight! This happens more than you might think, so treat a friend this christmas to a gadget that might just save them a little bit of stress!
  4. The Tile Mate – The Tile Mate is a little tracker key that you can attach to just about anything. It makes finding lost items easy, as it is able to locate the tile attached to your valuables, via Bluetooth, which in turn beeps so you can hear it. You control the various Tiles through an app, that you can download for free. This would make a very handy gift for that extremely unorganised friend that everyone seems to have!
  5. The final item on this list is something that I personally find really useful and use on a daily basis, and that is an external hard drive. All students have downloaded documents, e-books, essays and other important files that they need to keep save and backed up at all times.
    I recently had a minor hitch when my Google drive randomly decided to delete all my saved documents and make them unrecoverable. Luckily for me, I had just a couple of days previous backed up all my documents and stored them on my external hard drive, meaning I only lost a couple days worth of work instead of months.
    These make useful gifts and I would recommend for any fellow avid studier.