Easy Ways For Students To Make Money

The majority of students will, at some point during their education, find themselves strapped for cash. The problem that we all have is trying to find a job that we can work around classes. Unfortunately, nowadays employers are able to be a bit more picky and students, whose priorities are their classes and out of class studies, are not always their first option. So here are a few ways of earning some extra cash in your free time.

  1. Sell the info you’ve already mastered: Put up flyers, ask friends to recommend you and even give your number to teachers at the local schools, selling your education. Tutoring is a well paid side job, that is easily worked around your classes, as you can choose the hours you work. I do this myself, teaching English to Spanish kids and I’ve found it’s a great way to earn some extra money, without putting myself under too much pressure, as it’s only a few hours a week.
  2. Do surveys online: Although this doesn’t bring in a load of money on a regular basis, I tend to do this to help out with those Christmas expenses you didn’t budget for. Create an account and fill out a survey or two a day and within a few months you’ll have earned a bit of extra pocket money. I would also advise looking at the “Cash In” options, as most websites will give you more money if you request vouchers instead of actual cash. I always ask for Amazon vouchers. I would have used the money to buy presents on Amazon anyway!
  3. Freelance jobs: There are many sites on the web where you can offer and be hired to complete simple services, such as write articles or stories, do a bit of programming or graphic designing, or maybe proof read other people’s work. The prices can vary, on some websites the prices are set and on others you negotiate the price with the employer.
  4. Make your way on Fiverr: Offer you services on Fiverr, but try to be original! Keep in mind that you’re only being paid 5$ per job, so don’t offer to do work that will take you more than 20 minutes, because otherwise it’s just not worth it. One girl on the site offered to take a picture of your company name written across her boobs and cleavage. This is a perfect example of a quick and simple job, which was very original and paid her well!
  5. Youtube videos: More and more people are making money on Youtube now, what with the never ending rise in Youtube viewers searching for entertainment. A funny prank, friendly advice or a cute pet could earn you that extra cash you’ve been searching for and it’s so simple to sign up and start uploading your videos.
  6. Get paid to surf the web: Lots of online companies will pay you to search the net. The only effort on your part will be to sign up and then occasionally confirm your interest in a specific site. Qmee is a simple and easy site to start with, but unfortunately it’s only available in the US and the UK.
  7. Sell your second hand items: People always generate unwanted items over time, simply because we buy new things, become interested in different hobbies or change our personal style. But don’t just throw away your old unwanted items – sell them on! Ebay would be a good place to start, however there are also a lot of specific sites that will buy your second items, such as Zapper, musicMagpie, vinted and many more. Or sell your things the traditional way, by having a boot-sale or sell your things on to your friends who are interested.
  8. Rent out your extra space: If you have a spare room, extra parking space or storage area, rent it out. There will always be people who want your unneeded space, whether it be a new student, who doesn’t know anyone in the area yet and needs a place to stay, someone with too much stuff that needs storing, or someone who can never find a place to park! Don’t just let that extra space sit around unused, make some money from it.

Use your free time wisely to earn those funds that will help put you through school. I hope these suggestions will give you some ideas on exactly how you can do that.

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