End Of Year Celebration!

Finals are done and the grades are in, meaning that the academic year is officially over! Now I’ve got a couple of months to recover and start preparing for next year’s classes.

In my opinion summers need to be made the most of, whether that be through working, doing some extra-curriculum studies, travelling, spending time with family and friends, revising last year’s notes or a combination of any of these.
I’ve set myself a couple of goals this summer: firstly I’m going to attempt to get a head start in the subject that I consider is going to be the hardest next term, but the majority of my summer studies are simple going to consist of language improvement exercises.
But first it’s important to celebrate the end of year and take some time to relax and recover (what little time there’s left after work!). So for my first week of summer I’m going to try and spend some time on the beach and see my friends, because as of next week the summer study sessions begin.
Better make the most of the sun while I can!

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