Jump To The Future!

It’s nearing exam period, when teachers are starting to remind you regularly of the importance of final exams, when the pile of homework and assignments is building uncontrollably and every week it seems your weekend is becoming less about relaxing and more about studying until your head explodes.

It might be running through some of your minds that it’s only mid April and finals don’t even start until the end of May/beginning of June, but this time is essential. You need to make the most of the few precious weeks you have for tranquil study, before the rush and stress of the “build-up” weeks sets it.

However, it is hard for some people to get up the motivation to study, without that ever nearing deadline to push them. For those of you who struggle with this exact problem, I want you to try something that has helped pick up my spirits and motivate me to keep going, in times when I was seriously fed up and just wanted to quit.

Take yourself off to a quiet room, wherever that may be, make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Imagine yourself in ten years, once you’ve finished high school, college and maybe even got your university degree. I want you to imagine the type of career you’ll have, hopefully doing something you love, and the sort of life you’ll lead.

Now I don’t need to convince any of you that this life is better than the alternative, if you give up now. You all know that the further you educate yourself, the more opportunities you’ll get to succeed and the higher likelihood you’ll have of following a more amiable lifestyle.

Envision all the little details that make up this imaginary future to make it seem as real as you can. Decide where you’d love to work, what you’d buy with any extra cash, the size family you’d have and any other details that depict your ideal future.

This sort of activity promotes positive thinking, which when it comes down to it, is the basis of self-motivation. It’s an exercise you can carry out in your day-to-day life, as it only takes a few minutes, but it can inspire a complete attitude make-over, helping you to really knuckle down and achieve those A grades!

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