Let The Post-Its Take Over

Do any of you, like me, hate it when teachers give you lists of information to memorise? For me, these lists usually consist of different illnesses and their symptoms, the names of various nerves and the areas of the body they innervate, or the latest one, a list of bodily hormones and their functions.

This type of study is NOT the sort of thing you leave until the last minute. It needs to be slowly integrated into your memory, over a period of weeks. The alternative is to fail the exam, because you’ve managed to confuse it all in your head.

So, here’s what I would recommend. Write down a different point of the list onto several Post-it notes and stick them around your home or bedroom, preferably in places you look at on a regular basis. Your wardrobe door, the television remote, above the light switch and on the fridge are all good examples of ideal Post-it placement.

The Study Journal Post-it
Photo By Torey

Without even realising it, you will be studying this information on a daily basis, ultimately helping you to cement into you mind.

Hope this helps!

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