Print vs Screen

In the last 20 years screens have taken over our lives. It is said that approximately 75% of people own a mobile phone, a large proportion of which own a smartphone. Most households have a computer and laptops can be seen everywhere. Many schools have substituted white and blackboards for smartscreens and the level of teacher-student comunication carried out online is skyrocketing.

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I Don’t Want To Study Today! – How To Get Motivated To Study

How often do you get that feeling, whilst lying in bed on a Saturday or curled up on the sofa after school, of “I’m so comfy. I don’t really need to study today. I’ll get up early and do it tomorrow”? I’m sure it’s happened to everybody at least once in their student lifetime, and even happens to a lot of students on a regular basis. But the question is how to overcome that lazy sensation and just get on with it.

Comfy In Bed

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Are Written Exams Effective Evaluations?

For the majority of schools, colleges and universities across the world, written examinations are the primary method for evaluating a students capabilities. However many have argued the effectiveness of standardised testing on determining a student’s grade.

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The Healthy Student Plan

With exam period over, most students get that “fresh start” feeling just in time for the new term. Every student will understand how easy it is to tell yourself that you’re going to do a million and one things better this term, that you’re going to exercise more and study everyday and keep a planner with all your daily “to do” lists. BUT(!) … It never lasts. And this is where the problem arises for most of you.

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Dear Santa – Gadget Edition

So we’ve talked about those perfect stocking fillers for stationery lovers. Now it’s time to discuss gadgets! Nowadays, most students will claim that it’s almost impossible to get through university/college without a range of different gadgets.

Dear Santa – Stationery Edition


I know for a fact that there are thousands of stationery lovers out there, who like me, love nothing more than filling our studies with one too many stationery items and getting them out at every given opportunity. This often leads to planners that make your eyes hurt because they’ve been filled with a million different colour coordinated memos, or text books loaded with sticky notes on every page and obviously there’s the ever growing stockpile of notebooks.

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Public Speaking – Overcoming The Fear

At some point in the life of every student they will have to give a presentation or do some form of public speaking. Unfortunately, many of us struggle with this, whether it be through lack of confidence, shyness or just an irrational fear. So how do we overcome this obstacle to stand up in front of a room full of people and talk to them?


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