Throughout our lives we have been taught that to study effectively, silence is necessary. We accept this, thinking it logical, despite many a study proving that certain sounds and music can help us to recall information. So why do we continue to study in silence? What’s the benefit of no noise in out study sessions?

Many a student will tell you that they simply study better in silence, that their concentration levels are higher and that they can remember the things they have learnt more easily. A simple survey will show that the majority of people will learn more or be able to complete a task more efficiently when they aren’t working in a noisy environment. All that’s left to do is ask why this is …

Generally, background noise increases stress levels, something that can reduce your ability for study. This is due to the release of a hormone called cortisol, as a result of stress, which affects the functionality of the prefrontal cortex. Changes in this area of the brain can have a negative effect on a person’s ability to retain information and think plainly. All this can be summarised in one simple sentence: Sound Impairs Learning Ensuing Negative Course Evaluations!

S . I . L . E . N . C . E

So shut yourself in your room, or haul your books to the library, anywhere you can guarantee the silence you need to succeed.