Stimulating Stationary

I don’t exactly know why, but I’ve found that interesting stationary, especially notebooks and folders, motivate me to get going and start working. The only explanation I can think of is that these interesting pieces of stationary act as some form of visual stimulus that awakens the studier in me!

Here are some of my favourites I’ve found recently:

The WHSmith polka dot blue A4 wide ruled notebookBlue polka dot notebookThis is a great example of how a simple pattern can still be really pretty. I think this notebook is fun and might just bring a little colour to those challenging lectures and long study sessions. Held together with a spiral, smaller versions (A5 and A6) and a project book are also available in this design.

The Amelie turquoise foiled butterfly A5 notebook- I have recently fallen in love with many of the Amelie Amelie turquoise foiled butterfly notebooknotebook designs, which are generally very floral and girly, however this specific design is one of my favourites. This range of notebooks is normally a little bit more expensive, so I feel it is the sort of notebook you use for personal/project notes instead of your general scribble pad for class.

The Laura Ashley Josette purple damask board level arch file- The only way I can think of to describe the Laura Ashley Josette purple damask folderLaura Ashley designs are “wallpaper patterns”, as they remind me of the sort of delicate wallpaper you apply to one wall in a room to give it a focal point. The purple damask folder is really cute and I also like the same style in cream, although it would be more susceptible to dirt. Just something pretty to brighten up your organisation system!

The Coca-Cola metal backed notebook- I admit to Coca-cola metal backed notebookhaving a slight Coca-Cola novelty item addiction. I am guaranteed to love anything that has the Coca-Cola image and logo printed onto it. However it’s not just the design that I love about this notebook. It is one of a limited number of scribble pads I’ve found, that offer a plain paper option, something I find extremely useful for classes in which you tend to draw a lot of diagrams.

The A4 Comic book notebook- This one is perfect for A4 comic book notebookany of you, who love comic books or have a slight superhero obsession. It’s available in the “4 for £10” offer in The Works, so I would consider this one of the more affordable designs I have mentioned. Who knows, maybe it’ll give you a superpower for studying!

The main thing you have to consider though when buying stationary is the quality. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in an interesting design and completely forget to evaluate if the notebook or folder is the sort of thing you need.

Leave me a comment in the comment box below if you’ve found any other designs worth falling in love with.