Struggles Of The Learning Curve

Hi everyone! Recently I’ve been struggling to get that feeling of “100% prepared” before an exam. The thing that’s bothering me most is that I’m not studying any less than previous years, in fact I feel like I’ve been starting my study plan earlier that normal, and yet I get to the night before an exam and I can’t see it ending in success.

The thing I’ve found this year and the reason, I believe, behind my struggles, is the sudden increase in information density! During the last three years of my course the work load has gradually increased each month, each exam period and each year. Unfortunately this year we’ve reached the steep incline of the learning curve. All of a sudden, not only are we expected to know hundreds of different afflictions and how they are produced, but also how to diagnose them and various treatments for each one.

Now obviously I realised that I would eventually have to know all of this information, afterall what sort of a vet would I be if I could tell someone what was wrong with their animal but not be able to suggest a treatment to remedy the illness. However it seems like we are expected to know the equivalent of three years worth of knowledge overnight!

It can be a bit disheartening when you put in so many hours a day and don’t seem to be getting very far … hopefully it will soon just click into place, as with most things, but can anyone suggest any helpful advice in the meantime?