Study Reminder

Everyone needs a little nudge now and then to get them to study. The best thing is that there are many ways you accomplish this little push.

  • Hunt through your old school papers to find an old exam, in which you didn’t score the best grade. Now stick it to your biggest distraction, whether that be the television, the computer or whatnot. This is a simple way of reminding yourself what can happen when you don’t make time for those important study sessions.
  • You could ask a family member to write you a note, a bit of encouragement or some words of warning. This will give you the impression that there’s someone there pushing you to study. I think this is a more effective method for students who are living away from home while they study, those of you who don’t get to see your support group on a regular basis.
  • Another way to help you get
Study reminder
Photo by Torey

that drive is to make a fun and colourful reminder and place it somewhere it will have maximum effect. This may sound like a waste of time, but the bright colours and fun aspects of the memo will create a positive association between it and the content of the reminder, i.e studying.

This is a quick and easy study tip, that I feel is definitely worth doing, as it only takes a minute, but could give you that much needed push required to help you achieve those A grades!