Summer Wisdom

The summer holidays are near enough; there’s only a month left, even less in some cases. BUT just because there’s no classes, doesn’t mean that it’s best to simply forget about studying or fail to pick up a book for two months.

This time is the easiest time to study, as you’re relaxed and no longer under pressure.  You’ll retain information efortlessly without the constant stress and be able to enjoy learning, so much so it might not even feel like studying. One of the other good things about summer is that you have the freedom to study topics that interest you or work on harder subjects at your own pace, without worrying about sticking to a timetable.

I’m not saying you need to pitch a tent in the library and live there throughout the entirety of the summer holidays, but the occasional read or revision wouldn’t do any harm, in fact it would help you get ahead for the school year to come.

The best thing about the freedom of summer is that you don’t have to study in the traditional “nose stuck in a book, tucked up in a corner of the library” way; you can read out in the garden or on the beach, you can listen to tutorials, watch documentaries or even fact-based movies. There is a wide variety of ways to make study less intense and more enjoyable.

Generally, I like to use any free time in the summer holidays to do practical work experience at the local veterinary clinic and revise subjects I found harder to keep up with during the school year. As it gets nearer to the end of summer, I start to prepare for the year to come by taking a look at the subjects I have in the first term and reading up a bit on the basic principles of the class. I wouldn’t suggest studying your new classes in too much detail, as this could turn out to be counter-productive if your teacher decides to go in a different direction.

It is important though to use your summer wisely and not give up completely on studying during your holidays. It’ll just make it that much harder to get back into the routine of school life if you’ve turned off your brain for two whole months!

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