I Don’t Want To Study Today! – How To Get Motivated To Study

How often do you get that feeling, whilst lying in bed on a Saturday or curled up on the sofa after school, of “I’m so comfy. I don’t really need to study today. I’ll get up early and do it tomorrow”? I’m sure it’s happened to everybody at least once in their student lifetime, and even happens to a lot of students on a regular basis. But the question is how to overcome that lazy sensation and just get on with it.

Comfy In Bed

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The Sweet Treat Solution

You have an exam coming up and you know you need to study. So go study. But you can’t. You can’t drag yourself off of that comfy sofa, pull yourself away from the telly and get your books out. I know how you feel.

Motivation is a prime problem among students. Many say that once they start studying, the job gets a bit easier. BUT … how do you get yourself to your desk in the first place?

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