How I Keep Track Of My Notes

Okay so we’ve already talked about how to ensure that our notes are at a pretty decent standard in the post Become a note-taking Guru! But what happens “behind the scenes”? What do you do with your notes after class?

There is many a way of organising your notes, books, stationary, etc. for school and I’m sure that most students have their only personal method of madness that makes sense in their heads – I know I do! So here is a quick article about my own organisation system and I hope it helps any of you who are just beginning to put their notes into order…

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Become A Note-taking Guru!

Taking notes in lectures can be an extremely effective method of learning, as it forces you to pay attention to what the teacher is saying, in order to make your notes at all useful.

Another benefit to note taking arises as you near exam period, as it it easier to understand things you have written yourself, over a standard textbook.

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