A Full Positivity Makeover!

So exam period is upon you and it all feels completely hopeless! How ever will you study that much material in a week? How on Earth are you going to memorise all that information? So you start to feel down and demotivated, which leads to even more procrastination, and ultimately you get stuck in a vicious cycle.

STOP!! I’ve been there, exactly where you are now! Just stop whatever thought is hindering your process and read these tips to help you revitalise your attitude and get you back on track…

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Study Tips 101

Studying should be an habitual past-time. It is a necessary part of school/university life and is even essential later on, during your career, as a way of keeping up to date with the latest theories, methods and information. Many people fail to realise this, resulting in failed exams and much frustration.

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