Talking To An Empty Room

In my opinion, the hardest part of studying is trying to remember all the tiny, little details that accompany the core of the course material. They’re the easiest thing to forget and I find that I often manage to confuse them all in my head, to the point where I associate the wrong details with the wrong topic!

BUT there is a way of making this part of studying a little bit easier. Talk to an empty room. Imagine yourself using this information in a practical scenario and then have a conversation with yourself about it. And don’t worry about sounding crazy, everyone knows that being a genius and madness go hand in hand.

I’ll use my own course material as an example. I’m doing a five year, veterinary degree, so obviously I have to be able to recall the names and symptoms of many illnesses. This, sometimes, can get very confusing, especially when two illnesses have similar names and symptoms. So I apply the information to a diagnostic scenario and pretend that I have to explain an illness and its implications to the owner of an animal.

This method of study also helps when it comes to the written assessments, as by explaining the details in your own words, you’ve turned the things you’ve learnt into useful terminology, that you can apply in the exam.