The New Year Resolution Trap

Every year when the new year rolls around, I fall into the same old trap of making too many resolutions and I’m sure 99% of you are the same!

People want to change their bodies, quit dirty habits or do something new and exciting. And nobody seems to be able to stick to just one resolution. They have to have two or three on the go at once. BIG mistake!

The most common resolutions I’ve heard fellow students make are quite obvious: stop missing classes, dedicate more time to studying, start a study group, raise their grade average, etc.

The problem with all these resolutions is simply that people don’t change that quickly. This inevitably leads to a quick failure and then matters just get worse, when you fall into that state of self pity and convince yourself that “you can’t do anything”.

So my advice and something that I myself am doing this year – Choose one realistic resolution and work hard to achieve it. Don’t pressure yourself into doing a million things at once, because this will not help raise your grade average or make you a better student.

Being a student is about managing your time efficiently, working towards achievable goals and slowly but surely bettering yourself. It won’t happen overnight unfortunately.

So my resolution this year is to read over my class notes everyday after lectures and then to review them again at the weekend. I’m estimating that this will take me an hour a day during the week and then maybe a few hours at the weekend. Realistic and achievable.

So try it for yourself!

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