The Pencil Case Essentials

I’m happy to admit that I have a slight stationary obsession. And so I’ve come to try, and in many cases love, a lot of different stationary items. The following list is made up of those items that I consider essential for any student to have.

The Bic Biro – I would have to say that the Bic biro is THE most essential item for you to carry in your pencil case. It’s smooth to write with, lasts a decent amount of time and is very affordable. The quality of this pen succeeds that of any other found within the same price category. It generally comes in four colours; black, blue, green and red. I tend to keep at least one of each the blue, green and red and then multiple of the black with me at university. They are great for everyday use, although I would say that if you intend to do more than an hours worth of writing, a “comfier” pen is necessary.

The Pilot BPS GP – This is, without a doubt, my favourite pen for writing essays or doing exams. Not only is it smooth to write with and has a sturdy look and feel about it, but it also has a rubber lining around the barrel, just under the nib. This simple addition helps to eliminate the pain that continual writing can put on the index finger. Instead of a hard, plastic barrel putting pressure on a particular area of your finger, sometimes for hours on end, there exists a soft rubber lining which lessens the burden.

I’ve found that this makes taking exams a little easier, due to the fact that an hour into it I’m not trying to gnaw off my finger just to rid myself of the discomfort!

A Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter – In comparison with a lot of other highlighters, the Stabilo Boss Original is extremely soft and seems to glide over the page with ease.

I’ve tested a lot of different highlighters in my school life and I often find that highlighter tips tend to be rigid and too angular. This is always accompanied with the sort of high pitched scratching noise that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention.

Seeing as I use my highlighters on a daily basis, something as simple as a inflexible nib can drive you crazy within days. The Stabilo Boss Original is the solution to my problem.

I know many people who feel the need to have multiple colours. However I would disagree with this and say that the basic yellow is the only essential.

The Helix Triangular Scale Ruler – A ruler is another essential. There is nothing worse than having spent an hour writing an essay, worth 20% of your mark, when you realise you don’t have a ruler with you. You attempt to draw a straight line under your title, but this skill evades you in your moment of need.

The Helix triangular scale ruler is a sturdy, reliable piece of stationary, that should have a spot in everyone’s pencil case. It also has the added benefit of affording you less chance of a slip and the resulting wonky line, due to it’s shape.

The 12m Tipp-Ex Easy Correct – I would always suggest having a roll-on tipex, as the liquid form causes too many problems for my liking.

The Tipp-Ex easy correct is simple enough to use, has a smooth roll to it and is of a good quality (this I judge by the sturdiness of the body and the tip-ex’s hold on the page).

Also I would recommend buying the 12m. Obviously it lasts longer than the standard 6m, but it’s also economically more savvy, as the 12m generally costs only a little more than the 6m and yet you get double the length.

As you can see, the list isn’t the length of your arm. A lot of people, when they go to buy their stationary, get carried away and purchase many items they don’t really need and often don’t ever use.

I would agree that there are many more good quality stationary items that you could buy in place of those on my list, however a pencil case that’s almost as big as your school bag is going a bit too far! Try to limit yourself to ten, good quality pieces, instead of fifty cheaper items.

The above are simply my favourite things, which I keep with me throughout my classes and study sessions.